Constitution Schema

Constitution Schema

id: /law/constitution domain: /law

The constitution is the supreme law of a place. It defines the fundamental legal and political principles, including e.g. the rights of the people and the structure of government.



(What are Properties?)
Property -Expected Type -Description

  • Jurisdiction (Constitution Country Schema) – Governmental Jurisdiction Schema – The jurisdiction this constitution governs. Enter the highest level of jurisdiction only. E.g., if it is the constitution of a country, enter that country; if it is the constitution of a state or province, enter that state or province only.
  • Constitutional Convention Schema – Constitutional Convention Schema
  • Amendments Schema – Constitutional Amendment Schema – Ratified amendments to this constitution.
  • Unratified Amendments – Constitutional Amendment Schema – Proposed amendments to this constitution that have not been ratified.
  • Constitution in force from Schema -Datetime Schema
  • Constitution in force until Schema – Datatime Schema

Included Types

(What are Included Types?)

This type doesn’t have any properties

Property (Topics) – Expected Type – Description

Also known as (Alias Schema) – Text Schema – For entering common spelling variations and alternate terms this topic is referred to or known as. Don’t enter pronunciation guides, same term in another alphabet or language here unless it is a commonly used borrowed term (eg. Bodega is used commonly for a convenience store in some regions of the USA).

Description Schema – Text Schema – The descriptive text describing the object in the localized language of the client browser (eg. if the browser is localized for /lang/en the article should be in English).

Image Schema -Image Schema – ‘Image’ is a commonly used type, typically appearing in all topics. Standard web image file formats are supported including .gif, .jpg and .png. It is also possible to capture other meta information about images such as size and date.

Official website Schema – uri Schema – Officially-sanctioned websites for this entity, including the protocol (e.g. http://). This can include personal websites, corporate websites, and, for online services and products, the home URL for the service or product. It does not include fan websites or social media websites.

Topic equivalent webpage Schema – uri Schema – Webpages which are singular in focus describing a Topic. (i.e., a page which is only about the Topic.)

Social media presence Schema – uri Schema – The URL for this entity (including the protocol, e.g. http://) as represented in any social media, including social networking sites (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+), microblogs (e.g. Twitter), blogs, etc.

Topical webpage Schema – uri Schema – Other webpages that are about or are related to this topic. URLs should include the protocol (e.g. http://).

Subjects Schema – Topic Schema – Subjects of this topic. This property is to be used as the basis of delegated “subjects” properties on other types.

Subject of Schema – Topic Schema – Different things (films, books, songs, etc.) this topic is the subject of.

Properties Schema – Object Schema
Weblink Schema – Object Schema
Notable for Schema – Notable for Schema
Notable types Schema – Type Schema







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