Case Relationships

Case Relationships

Definitions used in determining treatment types for crosslinks between cases.

  • Affirmed Meaning: Decision of lower court confirmed by appellate court
  • Applied Meaning: Previous case/dicta/judgment applied to circumstances before Justices in present case
  • Approved Meaning: Previous case in inferior court approved as correct
  • Cited Meaning: Name and citation of case given
  • Considered Meaning: Case/dicta/judgment in previous case considered in judgment by Court in current case
  • Disapproved Meaning: Case/dicta/judgment held to be invalid/no longer recognised as good law/doubted
  • Distinguished Meaning: Previous caseÂ’s facts materially different to case at hand and therefore not applicable
  • Followed Meaning: Past case decided by similar or superior court accepted/taken as established point of law
  • Not Applied Meaning: Case/dicta/judgment not applied
  • Not Followed Meaning: Previous case decided by similar court not accepted
  • Overruled Meaning: Decision of previous case in inferior court held to be incorrect and no longer valid
  • Referred To Meaning: Court refers to specific case in which relevant issue considered/decided
  • Relied Upon Meaning: Decision of previous case used to explain/clarify fact in issue before court in present case
  • Reversed Meaning: Decision of lower court in current case reversed


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