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Lawi Linked Data Summary

Lawi Linked Data Summary data is published in SKOS (XML/RDF) format. The mapping between Lawi Linked Data Summary and SKOS classes is shown in the table below. Lawi linked data is available by browsing the hierarchy, clicking the top-level classes:

Each record displays the following information (where available):

LAWI notation LAWI notation is combination of symbols (numerals, signs and letters) that represent a class, its position in the hierarchy and its relation to other classes. Notation is a language-independent indexing term that enables mechanical sorting and filing of subjects. Also called  ‘LAWI classmark’ skos:notation
class identifier (URI) A unique identifier assigned to each UDC class. It identifies the relationship between a class’ meaning and its notational representation skos:Concept
broader class (URI) Superordinate class: the class hierarchically above the class in question skos:broader
caption Verbal description of the class content skos:prefLabel
including note Extension of the caption containing verbal examples of the class content (usually a selection of important terms that do not appear in the subdivision) skos:note udc:includingNote
application note Instructions for number building, further extension and specification of the class skos:note udc:applicationNote
scope note Note explaining the extent and the meaning of a UDC class. Used to resolve disambiguation or to distinguish this class from other similar classes skos:scopeNote
examples Examples of combination are used to illustrate UDC class building i.e. complex subject statements skos:example
see also reference Indication of conceptual relationship between UDC classes from different hierarchies skos:related

The UDC SKOS sche


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