SOSIG Classification

Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG) Classification

Administrative Law
Advertising Law
Air and Space Law
Banking Law
Business, Economics and Finance
Civil Procedure
Civil Rights
Commercial and Company Law
Competition Law
Competition, Unfair – Economic Law
Computer and Internet Law
Constitutional Law
Consumer Law
Contract Law

Copyright Law
Criminal Justice
Criminal Law and Procedure
Data Protection
Ecclesiastical Law
Employment and Labour Law
Energy Law
Entertainment and Media Law
Environmental Law
Family Law
Financial Law
Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Law
Gender Law
Human Rights
Immigration and Nationality Law
Insurance Law
Intellectual Property Law
Islamic Law
Legal Aid
Legal Education
Legal Theory
Medical Law
Mental Health Law
Mergers and Acquisitions
Military, Naval and Air Force Law
Natural Resources
Personal Injury
Property and Real Estate Law
Public Interest
Shipping Law
Social Welfare Law
Trade Law


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